Q: Will I have water views from both lots?

A: Yes! Roosevelt Cove is located in Indian Beach in a pristine Maritime Forest. This section of the island averages 1,200 feet wide so the views are amazing! You will own a sound front lot and second row oceanfront lot. Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean will truly be your neighbors!

Q: I only want one parcel, not two. Am I allowed to purchase just one parcel from a package?

A: We designed the project for estate living and, after polling many future buyers, we found many wanted the flexibility to create a secondary residence for guest overflow, in-laws, and/or rental income. You must purchase both parcels in each estate package. However, you are permitted to sell the other parcel if you choose to do so after your sale is complete. If you are interested in this location but only purchasing one lot, Lot 1 is being sold as a single parcel.

Q: Will I be able to have a dock at my property? 

A: Yes. The first step would be to secure a general permit from CAMA for your proposed dock or pier. With regard to the length, the rule is: it is "not to extend beyond the established pier length on the same shoreline with similar use." We estimate, per CAMA of Pine Knoll Shores, that a dock at Roosevelt Cove would be able to be approximately 200' in length or longer.  We are contracting the due diligence periods to allow ample time to hear back from CAMA before you close your lot.

Q: What is the water depth?

A: It is pretty shallow on the backside of Bogue Banks, with about a 3' tidal variable twice a day. However, we do not know what low tide is at each lot. Our estimate is that it is approximately only a couple of feet deep at low tide measuring out 150'. Note: These are estimates – any buyer will need to make sure the particular lot meets his/her needs. 

Q: What can I expect to pay in terms of insurance?

A: Most of the home sites are in a “X Flood Zone” where your insurance will be the most economical available and in most cases the flood policies are optional. The wind and hail policies will be similar to all “island living” policies.

Q: What will I owe in terms of monthly HOA dues?

A: NONE! Although we do have restrictive Covenants to protect the value of your investment and help to regulate the overall quality of construction, there are no common areas to maintain so you can save on HOA dues for amenities you may not use and enjoy the ocean and sound!

Q: Upon purchase, what is included with my property?

A: You will have an engineered asphalt driveway access for ingress and egress to and from your lots, Bogue Banks water service and Carteret Craven underground electric service. We are also in the process of building a concrete 5’ multi use path from our project to the Indian Beach access known as the Indian Beach MP 12 Access.